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Ramona Christell

Born in Switzerland and raised in Austria, I was privileged to learn the importance of living a healthy life with a focus on nutrition and wellness through my family. Walking, running, figure skating and general fitness were a regular part of my daily routine, and soon served as the foundation for my goal of becoming a key player in the fitness and wellness industry. 

One of the key milestones in my journey to fitness success was meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger at Zimmerman fitness in Vienna, Austria. The experience changed my life. Schwarzenegger’s praise and vote of confidence ignited a fire in me that led me to pursue my dream in earnest.

I created a plan. I started my career in healthcare, where I developed nutritional programs and became a life coach for people seeking success and focus in their personal and professional lives.

Soon, I moved to the United States, working for several years at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio as a fitness model and nutritional specialist.

In addition to the fitness and wellness skills I had developed, I also found success in international real estate, and as a successful business strategist and consultant.

With fluency in five languages and a business degree under my belt, I developed more strategies to help individuals and entrepreneurs. I honed my skills for group and one-on-one coaching, bringing these strategies to my clients to improve their lives.

All my life I diligently followed one rule: to always step up to a challenge, and to never stand still.

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Ramona Christell

I want to help people achieve success in every aspect of their lives and help them overcome any obstacles in their way.

With my strategy and experience, I can help anyone improve their life or business. Swiss Power Coaching comes with my European Swiss background and my years of experience. Let’s talk and see how I can put my skills to work for you and guide your success to the highest heights.

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Don Alvarez- coach (English/Spanish)

Having studied and travel abroad Don brings to the team great life experience. He can relate to many of the challenge for those who are struggling and help them develop a strategy to navigate and conquered this challenges. Studied in Europe did training physcology course. He Major in physcology and business management.

Emanuel Svechinsky

Emanuel Svechinsky is the leading expert on conquering fears, author, speaker, and an award-winning entertainer.

He helped thousands of people in over 80 different countries with courses, seminars, workshops, boot camps, and mentorship programs that guided people to gain the courage so that they can conquer their fears and be in full control of their life.